Confusion, Psychosis and Internal Stimuli

 Spencer is so cute and young. He is a sad case. We don’t quite know why he is having psychosis but here’s a little bit about him. He is probably in his early 20’s, he is average height and has dark brown hair. He wears the same clothes everyday and despite his constant showering his hair appears very greasy sticking to the top of his forehead. When he came in they said that he appears to have some OCD tendencies, but I feel a little differently. He is constantly responding to internal stimuli and he rarely talks unless he is asking for food. He lays in his bed a lot, he sits in the dayroom rocking back and forth staring at the floor. He is constantly asking for food even when I have told him No multiple times. He is also always asking to take a shower but I have a suspicion that he doesn’t wash his hair or use soap. He will stand in his shower for an hour straight with the lights turned out. When I ask him ” How ya doing?” To urge him to get out he responds with a , ” Good, How are you?” He is literally the only patient who has ever done that. Kind of funny actually. Eventually I have to tell him to get out, because if he not who knows how long he will stay in there. The most interesting thing that he has been doing is retracing his steps when he walks. He will literally walk 3 steps forward and then turn around and walk back 4 steps, stop turn around and walk forward again. So going anywhere takes a little while. I feel sorry for him. I don’t know what his exact diagnosis is, it may be drug induced psychosis or just genetic, but either way it is sad because he is so young, so confused and so sweet. He is one of the few patients who actually asks me how I am doing and seems to mean it!




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