Voices tell him to do it

Matthew is the boy who was walking around trying to strangle people with his bare hands. The voices were telling him to do it and then he would feel bad about it afterwards but then he would try to do it again and again. He attempted to strangle me once and I have to say it was kind of scary for a second there. I was standing in the snack room handing out snacks for snack time. He had come up and I had handed him something and he turned around and sat down to eat it. I then turned around to get something for the next patient who had walked up. But when I turned back around Matthew was right in front of me with his hands up and coming towards my neck. The look in his eyes was incredibly scary. At first I felt afraid and in my head I thought, ” Why? Why would you want to hurt me?” But I responded quickly by putting my arms up and said “No! No No…Go sit back down. The look in his eyes immediately left him and it was like he snapped out of it and he went to go sit down. A little while later he came to me and apologized. I told him that he needs to do something different when the voices start to tell him these things. My co-worker suggested clapping so that he will occupy his hands in another way. At least it would give us a warning too you know…to get away.


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