Psychosis to its fullest

Janeen is so cute, in the way she is so innocent to everything around her. Janeen is a woman in her late 40’s early 50’s. She always wears her blonde hair in a side braid that sways in front of her as she walks. She has two black eyes and a cut on her nose. She walks with a little limp and she is always carrying around her Holy Bible. Janeen suffers from Schizophrenia, she extremely bad hallucinations and delusions. She calls me Daphne or Princess Daphne consistently. She is one of the most actively delusional patients I have seen in a very long time, one who is completely unaware of her delusions. She truly lives in her own reality. She is constantly “picking up” things off of the ground. She is constantly talking to unseen others. I found her “playing” in her room with her “grandson”. One time I attempted to take the dirty linens from the bed next to hers and she wouldn’t let me because they were “Princess Diana’s.” She has come up to me a couple times with two cups for water or asking for 2 towels to shower, because one is for her friend. I have found her punching someone in the hallway many times. She has come up to me holding her head saying that she had been shot 8 times in the head. She brought me into her room yesterday and asked me to help look for Benjamin Franklin’s dead body and that was why her room smelled so bad. She is in constant conversation with unseen others, it is sometimes hard to get her attention. When I say hello to her she is very polite and asks how I am doing. She is so sweet and nice.


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