Aggressive and Scary Male

Bobby, Oh Bobby. He’s a scary one. He is African American, 6 foot something, and weighs 200 something. He came from jail because he had done something violent. His family said that he had a sudden psychotic break and they didn’t know why. Turned out he had taken some drugs and became psychotic but also very aggressive. Bobby would stand at the nurses station and demand to leave when he had moments of lucidity. He would punch walls, break chairs, knock over tables. When he was super psychotic he was still mean and aggressive. He would have word salad, putting random words in a sentence, nothing making sense. He was so big that we gave into him a lot more than we normally would. If he wanted a drink from the cafeteria, we got it for him. We would often ask him if he wanted a snack just to redirect him, even if only for a few minutes. Bobby was unusual in that he would go back and forth from being lucid to psychotic a lot. We would think he was “clearing” and doing better but then he would suddenly slip back into psychosis. There were many times that he would stand at the nurses station flipping us off, cursing at us as well as throwing up gang signs. That part scared me a little. So we eventually discharged him when the doctors thought he had gotten the best he was going to get, which in my opinion wasn’t that great. Some of our staff drove him 45 minutes away, to a homeless shelter, let him out of the car and said, ” Look there’s the homeless shelter.” He then walked in the opposite direction and began cursing and threatening a man walking down the street. Our staff drove off. Only hours later did we receive a call from a police department asking why we let him out. They didn’t tell us why they picked him up but we can only guess.    


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