A Myriad of Psycholigical Issues

Aimee came in completely psychotic. The doctors think she has schizophrenia and bi-polar. She had just had a baby a couple months prior and they took her away because they felt she was a danger to her child and towards others. When I walked into work a few days ago the first thing I heard was Aimee screaming. I couldn’t see her but I could hear her. She screams a lot, mostly about wanting to leave to go be with her baby and also about how her husband left her for another woman and how much she hates her. I feel sorry for her. She’s extremely manic and very hard to re-direct.  She begins yelling and banging on the nurses station door demanding to be let go, and if I would try to reason with her she would say, ” Shut-up, I don’t want to hear you anymore.” she would see this every time, even when she asked me a question and I was answering it. She also wakes up at 3:00am ready for the day everyday and begins screaming as well. This resulted in waking up other patients and having them run out of their rooms ready to fight someone. When I say she’s yelling I mean blood curdling screaming. I noticed that she kept asking the same questions over and over and over again and at first I thought it was just behavioral but then I realized that she not be understanding. She would say, ” I have Asperger’s!” When one of my co-workers attempted to talk to her she came back and told us that Aimee had been talking about aliens coming from space…so it looks like she may be Bi-Polar, Schizophrenic and have Asperger’s. That’s a hard hand to be dealt. I felt like she was getting a lot better yesterday before I left so hopefully she continues to improve.


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