The Day for Choking

Its been a pretty good crowd except for 1 thing. We have got a lot of choking going on. Today when I came into work my shift report went as such : ” So last night Bobby freaked out, began breaking things and then started choking Terry. Terry didn’t like that, grabbed his throat back and began choking him. And then Matt ( who I mentioned in my previous post) didn’t try to strangle me but did attempt to strangle Karen ( another patient).” My co-worker smiled as she said this. I looked at her and replied, ” Why are you smiling?” Her reply was, ” I am SO tired.” 

As you can probably guess I was a little hesitant to leave the safety of the nurses station but I didn’t really have a choice and so I began the shift. A few times some of the other male patients would walk near me and watch to make sure Bobby didn’t hurt me. It really is comforting knowing that someone would have my back if I needed someone. It can be scary because we don’t have security or anyone who would even hear me yelling. I have 3 other co-workers but 2 of them are in the med room getting medications ready and the other one is on the other unit.  

Anyways the shift went really well. Matt didn’t attempt to strangle anyone and Bobby was agitated off and on, sometimes lucid and could hold a conversation and other times not at all. He would slam his hands against the nurses station glass and knock things over but he would pretty quickly calm down and then go lie down for awhile. The fact that we gave him a lot of medicine to help keep him calm helped a lot I’m sure. So yeah good night you could say. 


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