This past weekend

This past weekend was pretty good. I work three 12’s in a row which sometimes can be extremely exhausting if they are super busy nights, but thankfully they were all pretty chill and slow nights. But there a few patients that caught my attention as interesting so I thought I’d share!

First there is Harry, he is in his 40’s and is a return patient. He is extremely intelligent, a computer programmer actually but his psychosis has gotten the worst of him and he can no longer function on his own. He has extreme paranoia and is extremely delusional. Random things can trigger Harry into a full blown freak-out. Its really sad because he is such a nice person who suffers deeply. For example he can be watching T.V and he will see or hear something come from the T.V that is not really there or he will hear something and think that is really happening in real life in our world. ( Ex: watching a movie about zombies or an apocalypse)  This then spirals into him yelling that he doesn’t want to live in a world like this and wants to be euthanized. He fortunately has the ability to calm himself down rather quickly. But it is so sad to see the look of desperation and hopelessness in his eyes. After a week on a different medication he is doing much better. He told me that he feels like his mind is  more clear and that he feels like he could “live like this”. It really made me happy to hear that.

The next patient is Matt, this patient is a much younger guy, probably around 23 years old. He is a little bit lower functioning and is so sweet and innocent. He has to be prompted to do things. He worries that he will do something wrong. Matt suffers with auditory hallucinations. His voices tell him 1 thing and that thing is to choke people. He doesn’t want to do it but he feels like he has to so we will all be sitting around watching T.V and Matt will randomly walk over to someone whether it is a staff member or another patient and put his hands around their neck to choke them. Luckily he does it in a very non-aggressive manner and so it is very easy to pull him off of the person and he doesn’t fight back in the least. Its sad to see him so sad about it. I know that sounds strange but he is truly a kind innocent person who is just tormented by these voices and he feels very bad about it afterwards every time. I told him yesterday that if he starts to hear the voices to come and tell me and that I will help him get through it. He agreed that he would.

Another patient that sticks out to me is Zachary. This patient is in his early 40’s and this is his 6th or 7th visit with us now. I have no idea why he has not been sent to the State Hospital at this point because he has shown the state that he is not capable of functioning on his own and being safe but… I don’t know.  First of all Zachary abuses Meth. He is an avid drug user and has been for years. Zachary also has psychosis so he hears voices. And last but not least he has extremely bad diabetes that he doesn’t take care of at all. He is homeless as well. He is a mess, and every time he comes in he comes with his extremely dirty bag of clothes that smell so badly of smoke that we wash his clothes at least 3 times before giving to him to wear. He is always coming down off of Meth when he comes and his blood sugar is either 44 or 450 and so as you can imagine he is not a happy camper. With those two combined he is extremely irritable, yelling at us and being uncooperative. He is also not hygienic and is found walking around with food in his full grown beard and because of the meds we give him he is often drooling into his beard. Gross I know. But anyways he can be very hard to deal with. Last night I attempted to wake him up to get his blood sugar ( which was 44 by the way) and he batted me away grunting at me and then gave me and my co-worker the middle finger.

The last patient that I had the pleasure of working with this past weekend was Tim. Tim is a man in his 40’s. He is extremely small in stature and very skinny. He has a shaved head and stayed in bed for 3 days straight pretending that he couldn’t hear us so that he could stay in bed. No body had heard him say a word for 3 days. On my last time of doing rounds on my last night of working three nights in a row I went to check on him and he was awake and said Hello to me. He seemed very nice and I said Hi back. As I then began checking on the room across from him I heard him ask me a question but I thought I hadn’t heard him right, I turned around and said, ” What?” and he repeated himself, ” Would you like to have sex ma’am?” Shocked but then kind of not at the same time I responded, ” No thank you.” and walked away. And then thankfully I went home.

So yeah I would say all in all a good weekend. It was actually extremely calm and non stressful. Good times.


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