Work as of lately

Work has been pretty good lately in that it hasn’t been super busy. I’ve had only 8 patients on average at a time. But about 3 of them somehow made it feel like so much more. I tried to figure out what exactly it was that they were doing that consumed my time and drained me mentally so quickly. I figured it out…A million questions, a million requests, a million complaints. Can you do this for me? Can I have this? Your doing this wrong…One of these three patients would literally follow me around wherever I went.  I finally asked her, ” Is there something you need?!” I felt cluster phobic! I just wanted to scream, stop asking me questions. Stop asking me to do things for you every second. Cant you see I am doing something already? that I am busy? I was amazed at the ignorance of how they were acting wasn’t bothering somebody. But they couldn’t see it. It seemed that they were sitting around just thinking of something they could ask me to do next or a question they could ask so that they have interaction with me, so that they could have attention. In the hospital we call these types of people needy and attention seeking. They are constantly seeking contact with us, parking themselves at the nurses station even if they can only just watch us work. Even when we tell them they cant stand there they don’t feel offended or embarrassed enough to leave. They need and want human interaction even if it means annoying somebody. I’m not going to put needy and attention seeking into only 1 category but the “diagnosis” that I find these traits in the most are the Borderline Personality Disorders. These people are manipulative as well or they lie to get their way and often get offended by us quite easily. But yeah anyways… It was a crazy few days there where I was extremely exhausted mentally by these few patients. My job can draining! But it really just depends on the day 🙂


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