Bi-Polar with psychotic features

Shawn is an interesting patient for sure, a man in his early 30’s, with short brown hair, glasses and a missing tooth. He was super nice, always making me little paper frogs for me to remember him by. He was so sweet and kind hearted. He took the big brother role to other patients, especially the violent aggressive ones who he should probably have kept a distance from. He claimed to have Multiple Personality Disorder, one time he even pretended to become a “dead 16 year old girl named Tabatha” going on and on in a high pitched voice for hours to my co-worker. It was a pretty convincing act but we all know better and were able to see that he was lying. Us staff members came to our own conclusion that he is gay and wishes he were a woman and so that was his way of coming out. He confided in me one day out on smoke break that he sees and hears things, spirits mostly, and that he can see Auras around people. He told me that I was a yellow and the next day I was green. He’s actually not the first patient who has told me what my Aura is. It’s pretty cool. Shane also never sleeps. He spends hours drawing and coloring. His room is full of his pictures and papers full of nonsensical sentences streamed all over the room. He will stay up all night drawing and writing. It seems that people with psychosis have so much going on inside their heads that you will find them scribbling constantly. It is their way of releasing the scrambled information floating around in their heads. When I would go into his room I would find papers with random drawings, words and sayings hung all over the walls. This explained why he was always asking for tape at the nurses station. For the first week he was with us he never slept, he would stay up in his room all night scribbling away and pacing up and down the halls happy with a smile on his face. Then he took a dive going from the manic stage of bi-polar to the depressed stage. He no longer smiled and we would find him in his bed all the time. It was very sad to see him go through that, to see him so depressed that he couldn’t even force a smile. He had always been so pleasant and happy, always making the best of his situation. He was a great example to me. I hope he is doing well wherever he is now.



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