Acute Psychotic Break

I had an experience at work a couple days ago that was interesting and so I thought I’d share it. I came into work to find my unit with about 12 patients and a few that I hadn’t met yet. Amongst the new was a woman in her 50’s, she had short brown hair that was starting to gray and she was round in stature. Almost immediately after I had walked onto the unit I heard a “Oh” ing sound. I looked over to find her sitting in the dayroom swaying back and forth while saying, “Oh” over and over again. It almost sounded as though she was having an orgasm. The other patients felt uncomfortable leaving the dayroom to go hide out in their rooms. My co-workers explained that she had a history of psychotic breaks but in between them she functioned  very normally. She was a teacher and had been teaching in her classroom only a few days before. Her husband had begun noticing some odd behavior with her and had brought her in.

When it was time to go meet her and get her vitals I walked down the hall to find her sitting on a couch “Oh” ing and swaying back and forth. I interrupted her by saying hello and she immediately stopped, stood up and walked really close to me. I backed up a little feeling a little anxious about what she was going to do next. I said, “Hi, would it be ok if I got your vitals?” She proceeded to look at me with wide eyes and a smile that looked like she was going to hurt me and then said, ” I’m Satan.” I said, ” Ok.” and the she said it again, ” I’m Satan.”  She then laughed as she stared me straight in the eyes. I realized I wasn’t going to get anywhere so I was about to turn to leave but then she said, ” Ok, I’m just going to sit down and go to the bathroom.” She then turned back towards the couch and sat down on the third cushion and began urinating. It was then that I realized that the first two cushions were completely soaked in urine.

Interestingly enough two days later when I returned to work she had completely come out of her psychotic break. The doctors had tested her and found that her sodium levels were low. She greeted me with a smile, told me that she remembered me and that she was excited to get out so that she go back to teaching. It’s crazy how things happen. It makes you realize how important it is to take care of yourself, mind, body and spirit.


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