Manic Stage of Bi-Polar

This patient has tried my patience constantly. This patient we have with us right now has been with us for over a week and he appears like an average guy in his early 20’s. He is probably 6 foot tall and he has the athletic build. He talks all the time and all he ever talks about is why he shouldn’t have to be here, how he is perfectly fine and also how he has an extremely important meeting to go to the next day and if he misses it he will lose out on thousands or millions of dollars. Its interesting…because I have heard that same story so many times! I have to admit I have become very annoyed at times. It can be VERY hard sometimes to stop and realize that sometimes people with bi-polar can be psychotic. It’s just that their type of “psychotic” is portrayed very different sometimes. They appear super “normal” and can hold ” normal” conversations but are extremely delusional, believing things that are not true. And the most difficult part about it is that they are extremely convinced that they are right about everything, they are fine and there is absolutely no reason they need to be in a mental hospital. Even when shown evidence showing them why they are wrong they will still find a way to fight you on it. Its extremely frustrating. I have noticed this pattern in a lot of patients with Bi-Polar Disorder. This patient constantly gives me attitude and when I put him in his place he seems shocked every single time. He can’t believe that I would give it right back to him. I know that I need to be more compassionate with this disorder. I think I need to realize that when someone is in a manic stage they are not thinking clearly at all and are psychotic and are verbally and even physically aggressive. I get annoyed at myself and think , ” How can I get annoyed at this person? They are the victim, they are the one suffering with confusion, delusions and a false reality.” I once again am humbled with realizing how blessed I am! We have no idea how blessed we are if we do not suffer from a mental illness. No idea at all. The fact that I can think clearly and not live within a confused bubble all of the time is a blessing in itself. I guess I just have some more growing to do, but don’t we all?


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