PTSD from Rape

This story is pretty sad too, something I don’t like to think about ever happening to anyone that I know, especially after having seen what I saw with this patient. I will call her Kelly. Kelly was a petite 18 year old girl with pretty blonde hair. She had been suffering with bulimia for the last few years but other than that had led a pretty normal life. The first time I met her I came onto the Unit and heard screaming coming from the end of the hall. Nobody else seemed too concerned about it and so I thought she must have a reputation for screaming for attention. ( Something that does happen a lot ) I slowly walked to the end of the hall, not really worried about it. I opened the door and found the room completely dark with Kelly curled up on the floor rocking back and forth screaming. I stood over her and said her name loudly. She didn’t stop so I said it again this time louder and with an annoyance in my tone. Kelly jerked to a stop, looked at me in terror and began screaming, ” No, don’t hurt me!” I realized in that moment that this was not for attention but real affects of PTSD. She began moving around, standing up and sitting down over and over again. She was holding herself “down there” crying and saying, ” It hurts!” She would double over in pain. I tried to distract her by asking her questions about her life, ” Where are you from?” ext…it worked for a couple minutes but then she would remember where she was and what had just happened to her and she would start screaming and crying again. It was absolutely heartbreaking and awful to watch. She kept moving around, she would get up and start walking down the hall but then crumble to the floor crying and holding herself. She felt like it was physically happening to her over and over. I tried to explain to her that she was experiencing symptoms of PTSD and that flashbacks are part of that. It didn’t go far and soon we gave her some meds that helped calm her down and put her to sleep. For the next week Kelly improved to where she would sit and talk to me, she told me how she had gone to a party where these two guys that she knew had raped her. The one held her down while the other raped her. She was heartbroken because she had been a virgin before this happened. When she would cry and scream she would say, ” I’m disgusting now! I’m dirty and disgusting now. I just want to kill myself.” She also became very jumpy, she would jump anytime anyone came near her and if she was having an anxiety attack I would have to be careful as to not touch her and if I was going to I would tell her, ” I’m going to touch you ok, so that I can help you up.” It was so sad to see her go through such a hard time and I have no idea what happened to her when she left. I just hope and pray that she got through it and will live a happy successful life from here on out.


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