Drug Induced Psychosis

I don’t think I’ve shared a story about a patient who came in psychotic because they took drugs yet so here it goes. I will call her Crystal. Crystal had been using Meth and the first time I saw her I was a little creeped out. She walked pass me and stared at me craning her neck back to watch me as she walked in the opposite direction. She was tall with big curly black hair that was disheveled, flying in 50 different directions. She was taken to her room but then they called me shortly after because they were having trouble getting her to sleep. I walked over to the Unit she was taken to and when I got to her door, one of my male co-workers, a man in his late 50’s was standing in front of the door keeping it closed. He told me that she was trying to get out and that I would have to carefully sneak in. He told me how she had jumped onto his back completely naked and had begun humping him. As he tried to get her off of him, she had reached under him and grabbed his private parts. That was when they had called three female staff to come help. I snuck into the room and found her standing in the room naked dancing. My two female co-workers were trying to cover her up with a robe. I immediately jumped in and began helping but every time we got the robe on her she would take it off. She was deliriously happy, with the biggest smile on her face, dancing around, saying the strangest things. The most bizarre thing she did was crane her head to the side and walk towards me with wide eyes as she made a clicking noise with her tongue. This was defiantly one of the weirdest/creepiest things I had ever seen.

Eventually my co-worker gave her a paper cup to take her pills with, she threw the water at us and then walked directly at me and put the cup over my hand. I was extremely relieved! haha I had thought she was going to hit me or something. It took over an hour to get her to take a pill. In the meantime she was dancing, laughing, grabbing my co-workers private parts, at which I began laughing so hard I would have to leave the room, calm myself down and then come back in. At one point the three of us began dancing with her just so that she would be cooperative and take her pills. Eventually she did take them, and fell asleep on her bed. All in all I can say it was a night I will never forget! Hilarious and eye opening at the same time. I guess I should say, Don’t Do Drugs.


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