Detoxing and Borderline Personality Disorder

I know its been quite a while since I posted anything. But today I thought I would share about how work has been for the last couple of weeks. Recently we have been working on opening up a Detox/Rehab Unit and so in the meantime my unit ( Psychotic) was being given tons and tons of Detoxers. People that are detoxing off everything, Heroin, Alcohol, Prescription pills, Meth mostly. I must admit that I have a very hard time working this population of people. I try my hardest to have compassion for them for them, and it is very hard not to judge them sometimes. Most of them are needy, constantly asking for something, most are manipulative, calling you ” Honey and Sweetie” so that they can try to get something out of you later, and most are med seekers, saying they are in pain so that they can receive more meds when they are really actually just fine. They can be mentally and emotionally exhausting. I don’t want to generalize and say that they are all like this but I have found that some are. Another reason I have a very hard time having compassion for them is because they can be very rude and do not have a lot of manners, demanding that they want things immediately, as well as entitled, believing they receive the very best treatment at all times. I find myself rolling my eyes when they are not looking and avoiding eye contact so that they wont start asking me for something.

 I have also found that some detoxers also have Borderline Personality Disorder as well. This explains their need for my attention and the mindset that they are the victim and will never be able to get out of their current situation. They will talk and talk about how everyone around them is out to get them and ruin their life and that if it wasn’t for all of the bad things that have happened to them then they wouldn’t have such a terrible life. I found that if I smiled and made eye contact they immediately took that as being weak and thought that they were now able to walk all over me. When I first meet them I have to establish that I can’t be pushed around by my facial expressions, the way I speak and body language. If this isn’t done from the first day I meet them they will try to push me around and manipulate me for the rest of their stay.

 I have come to the point where I will listen, nod my head and give them validation but I no longer attempt to give any type of advice because I realized at some point that most of them have no desire to actually change their lives, they just want to be heard. When I do find a detoxer who talks about sincerely wanting to change I am so excited! I love to hear about how they really want to change their lives around and I am quick to give them information on rehab facilities that they can go to afterwards.

I do wish the best for this population, I do care for their well-being. I just have a hard time helping someone that doesn’t want to be helped. I have really learned that we as human beings cannot be helped until we are ready to receive it. It is up to us. And through this job I have learned so much patience, love and understanding. I have also learned to not judge because It is not my place. I am grateful that I am given that opportunity to learn that each time I go to work.


One thought on “Detoxing and Borderline Personality Disorder

  1. Now this is very interesting to read from someone who is on the Other Side…..I’m a recovering Addicted Compulsive Gambler, and a Few to many cocktails….LOL..But, I do understand what your trying to give Insight to.
    I know this maybe HARD TO BELIEVE, but addicted gamblers go through the SAME type of Symptoms of Detox as Drug & Alcoholics do. We get Sweats, Chills, shakes, Nausea, and much more. SADLY, we pick up the same Traits and Habits as well, Shame, Guilt, Denial, Excuses, and More until we finally Surrender to the fact that Addiction has us BEAT DOWN.

    Yes, I went through the *Pity-party* and the POOR ME Victim Stage, it’s because people act different when the future of Learning to live in Recovery can be Scary and unknown. Many do, like myself are left with Mental/Emotional scars and disorders that also need to be addressed. For example, some of my *ACTING OUT* when I gambled is because I’d been Undiagnosed for years with *Depressive-Bi-polar disorder* and my symptoms came out threw my addiction. I also was suffering from Panic with Agoraphobia, and had no idea.
    I appreciate your thoughts of being on the Other Side as a Care provider. I Admire what you do for others!
    God Bless, Catherine Lyon

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