Paranoia : A Symptom of Psychosis

Can you imagine living in a world where somebody out there, someone you didn’t know had the power to kill you simply by the press of a button. I imagine that would be very stressful to believe and very scary. I tried to understand this lady and it was very difficult but once I put myself in her shoes I felt extremely overwhelmed. This lady, I will call her Rose. Rose was in her early 50’s with almost all gray hair and when I first saw her she reminded me of someone I would see at church on Sunday or working behind a desk somewhere. She had on a plaid business skirt, a very nice blouse and black heels. Rose was extremely paranoid, she would come up to me constantly asking me about the “people” and where they were. She believed they were in the hospital and coming to kill her. I was busy and would try to tell her something to calm her but everytime I would pass her door she would yell my name. This time I knew I would have to come up with something good or else she would continue to be in fear all night. I first listened to her fears and realized that she had feared this for possibly years. She believed that they had always been pushing the button. So I said to her, ” Well, if you think about it, maybe the button doesn’t really work.” She said, ” well why do you think?” and I said, ” Well if they have been pushing the button all this time and your still alive, so maybe you’ve beat the button?” She looked at me as though she had just had an epiphany and said, ” Well, I had never thought it that way before.” I smiled said, ” Well good you should start!” I then ran off to stop a 6″5′, 250 pound man from throwing himself as hard as he could into a door because he thought his friend was behind it. All in a days work!  


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