Schizophrenia at its worst

It’s not as scary as it sounds, I promise. I will call this patient Matt. Matt was a 27 year old schizophrenic with curly hair down to his shoulders who had done a lot of drugs to cope with the voices. Matt at first glance seemed like someone to fear, but quite the contrary. He would sit in a chair in his room and not sleep or eat for days. He wouldn’t do anything at all, just sit and stare and think I guess? Once he got bored of that he would come to the nurses station and park himself there. Although Matt wasn’t a physical threat, he was a sexual predator. You had to be careful of getting too close to him because he was known to grab at you whether you were male or female. I just made sure to never get too close and I was fine. He was also extremely paranoid. One time specific time was extremely interesting and luckily my co-worker was there to save the day. Matt said to us, ” Come on, we have to go.” My co-worker said, ” Why what’s going on?” ” Well the voices say that 1 person has to die everyday so I have to go do it.” I was new and could not think of ANYTHING to say to this. But thankfully my co-worker was quick on his feet and said, ” Oh, well there was a landslide in Chili today, killed 2000 peoples so your good for awhile.” Matt looked at him and said, ” Oh ok good then.” It is amazing the power the voices can have someone. He would also be watching T.V and In his mind believe that he saw his mother on the T.V say that she’s going to kill him. It must be such a scary, sad world to live in. I always leave work thinking,  Gosh I am so blessed.


2 thoughts on “Schizophrenia at its worst

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