Delusions and Obsessions that come with Psychosis

“You must all Repent!” Its interesting, a lot of people who suffer from Schizophrenia become obsessed with 3 things, Politics, Religion and Sex. They will rant and rave about these 3 topics. A lot. This particular patient would rant and rave about religion. I will call her Cindy. Cindy was in her early 50’s, a small lady with long red hair. She had been found riding her bike without any shoes on, having gone for miles. When she came to us her feet had fractures and were so swollen that we gave her a wheelchair to ride around in. She was very psychotic and wouldn’t use it and instead would run up and down the hall for hours yelling. Luckily not very loud. But still yelling. We would ask her whats wrong, but of course.. she wouldn’t tell us. This hurt her feet even more and instead of using her wheel chair she decided to crawl everywhere. One night after everyone had gone to bed I turned to go down the long dark hallway to check on everyone and when I turned my heart skipped a beat and I let out a squeal. There was Cindy on all fours crawling towards me with her long hair in front of her face. A little scary…She was a nice lady though. Being obsessed with religion, one day she asked me for some paper and I gave her some not thinking anything. Awhile later she came back with a letter and asked me if I could mail the letter for her. I said, ” Well who is it to?” She replied, ” The First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.” She let me read it, it simply said,” I forgive you for not letting me speak in General Conference this year.” And I said, ” I’ll get that in the mail right away.”


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