Psychosis and being nude.. Is there a correlation?

This patient was so interesting. Why? Because it was the only patient that ever wanted to stay with us, permanently. Like he didn’t want to leave. Ever. I will call him Javier. Javier was from Venezuela and somehow ended up in Utah. It was actually a mystery to all of us. I think he came to be with us because he was found walking around in traffic naked. When he was admitted he pretended that he couldn’t speak a lot of English. He somehow managed to tell us that he saw demons, so naked in traffic plus demons is an admission. Once Javier was admitted he did only 1 thing. Sleep. All day, everyday. I am not exaggerating, he would sleep 22 hours almost everyday. The doctors started giving him Adderall just to keep him awake, and we would lock his door to keep him out of his room. His next favorite thing was being naked. He would sleep naked, come out into the hall naked. He was always naked. He would also come out to the nurses station and say , ” Peanuts, Peanuts.” He would just repeat it over and over until you gave him some peanuts, He never smiled or talked other than that. The most excited we ever saw him was when he found baby powder and ran around in circles laughing putting it everywhere. He put it all over his bed, the floor in strange circles, his desk, all the doorknobs. As I chased him trying to get him to stop he just laughed hysterically.

After about 2 months, which is a very long time to be with us, a co-worker who speaks fluent Spanish went in and talked to him and he surprisingly talked back. He apparently knew fluent English and he knew exactly how he had gotten here and he had family back in Venezuela, he just didn’t want to go back to his family. When my co-worker asked him where he did want to go, he said, ” Here, I want to stay here. This is my home.” After that he would jump with joy when he saw his favorite co-workers. He would tell me I was his sister. He never wanted to leave. He even admitted that he didn’t see demons, but that he had said that so he could stay here. He was officially the ONLY patient that jumped for joy when they were told, ” You’re getting admitted for 6 months.” To each their own I guess.


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