Delusions of a Schizophrenic Woman

Oh…Princess Diana.. now this patient did not like me. Her name was not Diana, not anything even close. But she believed it was to the core! I will call her Nicole. Nicole would not respond to her real name, only to Princess Diana or Diana. Nicole believed that it was the year 1988. She also called me a b*** everyday when she first saw me. Without fail. One day I asked her why and she said a matter of factly, ” because you have been having an affair with my husband Shawn!” Keep in mind that Nicole is not married nor has she ever been married. She also believed that she had 9 children. When I asked her what their names are she responded with a confused look on her face, “Um…Give me a second, I’ll have to think about that.”

Nicole also loved to be naked. She would walk out into the halls naked, sit in her room naked and sleep naked. She absolutely loved it! One time when I was doing my rounds I peeked into her room to find her naked sitting in her chair with her feet up on the desk enjoying a magazine. Nicole also loved using lotion. Every night before bed she would soak her hair with lotion and put 4 dots of lotion on her face, one on her chin, both cheeks and the middle of her forehead. Every night. She was a patient I will never forget, she always kept us on our toes!


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