Bi-Polar Disorder

I have never been so frightened of a patient physically harming me before I met this patient. Not even from the patient that actually did attack me. Crazy I know! This patient exemplified what a person with Bi-polar is like. But what made this patient even more interesting is that she also was psychotic! Interesting right. Yes. But Scary. You bet. So to start off, the first I met her she came up the nursing station to ask if her husband had and called and she was very polite and I thought, “Oh, she seems nice.” Then they did warn me that she has a history of being violent but that they had not seen any of it themselves. The shift continued and she seemed fine. It was a couple hours later that she came and suddenly became very rude, demanding to have her belongings this instant. I told her that I would get to it and she continued to yell at me saying, ” What do you want me to take off my clothes right here?!” I responded, ” You can do whatever you want.” So she did. She took off all of her clothes except for her underwear, in front of everyone, all the while taunting me. About 20 minutes later when I gave her her clothes, she apologized for behaving that way. It wasn’t until night time that I saw the psychosis come out. As everyone else was going to bed she began accusing me and my co-worker of looking at her husband on Facebook. She believed that she was married to two men and that she was pregnant.We tried convincing her to go to sleep but she refused. She became extremely paranoid, while doing our rounds if we checked on her she would jump out of bed screaming at you at the top of her lungs. So loud that I ran back to the nurses station in fear of her physically hurting me. She wasn’t tall but she weighed about 250 pounds. The yelling became constant. She would stand in the hallway and just randomly scream at the top of her lungs. They yelling became threatening the other patients. ” Tonya, get out here! I know your in there! Come get some!!!” and ” Who wants some??!!!” We were walking around closing the patients doors telling them its going to be ok and that they’re safe. They would peek their heads out shaking in fear. We couldn’t get her to stop yelling. At one point she came up to me and said, ” Do you know how it feels to be raped?” I responded, ” No.” almost wanting to laugh. She says, ” Well I have a feeling that your going to be raped tonight. So you better watch your back.” So for the rest of the night my male co-worker did rounds…just to be safe.


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