The Traumatic effects of Sexual Abuse

It was 2:00am and I was working up on the adult unit, my regular unit. I was hungry and wanted to go on break and wanted to eat with my co-worker who was working on the Adolescent Unit. I walked down to find the unit unusually quiet. I looked around in confusion as to where everybody was. Suddenly one of my male co-workers quickly came out of one of the patients rooms and with him he had a trashcan. I quickly started walking to him. As I got closer I noticed he was drenched in sweat, sweat falling from his forehead in large amounts. He told me that one of the adolescent girls was having a hard time, she was being violent and trying to hurt herself. We opened the door to go back in and help and I saw her on the bed with a gash in her arm. There were gauze and alcohol swabs next to her. This girl had been biting into her arm, biting pieces of flesh from her own arm, and there was some blood on her mouth to prove it. My female co-worker was sitting on the side of the bed trying to convince her to let her bandage her arm. But that was a no-go. She put her arm to her mouth and began biting again. The 4 of us jumped at her, each of us taking a limb trying to get her under control. We somehow ended up on the ground. My one co-worker left to get a shot ready while the three of us continued to wrestle her. I had her left arm, one of the guys at her legs and the other guy had her right arm. Along with the jerking around attempting to be freed from our grip she began screaming. A long hard, from the back of her throat scream that didn’t end. When she did give her voice a break she would try to bite us and spit on us. I know it sounds like we are being mean to her, but if we tried to let go she would try to bite herself again. For a second she got out of my friends grip and she latched onto my arm digging her nails into my arm as hard as she could. My co-worker had to pry her off of me, one finger at a time. All the while she is still screaming. The screaming did not end. It was the most traumatizing scream I have ever heard. Soon our other co-worker ran back in with a shot. We give it in the butt so we had to turn her over while she is fighting and screaming, but we gave it to her. Against contrary belief, the shots do not work immediately. It can take up 20-30 minutes depending on their immunity to it, their weight ext…Soon after she committed to being safe If we let her go and so we did. She then went into the shower and cried and refused to get up, but one of my co-workers convinced her to get into bed and she finally complied. Right before I left the room she said to me, ” Sorry for hurting you.” with a sincere tone. I just smiled, shrugged my shoulders and said , ” It’s ok.”

I learned a valuable lesson that night : We should never judge others for the way they cope with their pain. We just must be patient. loving and forgiving and the rest will work itself out. All anybody wants is to be loved and unfortunately some people aren’t given that blessing.


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