Invincible Effect of Schizophrenia


I bet your wondering where I am going with this one..Yes a patient thought he was Superman, well at least for a short time. This man was older, probably in his late 50’s. He was a really nice guy. I remember when he was admitted he looked frail, scared and lonely. We offered him so pizza that we the staff were eating. He didn’t seem all that off to me. But as the days went on we started to see the bizarre behavior. The superman came out when he tied his blanket around his neck like a cape and began running from his door to the window in his room throwing himself as hard as he could into the window, hoping to break out and fly away. He would hit so hard that he bled, blood spewing all over the window. We all stopped him obviously and one male staff member told him, ” Your not Superman ” He responded with a ” F*** You! That was the last time he did that, but the bizarre behavior didn’t end. He would be happy one second and then become angry the next. We needed to get him to his room one time and couldn’t coheres him. I was with my co-worker and she suddenly started singing, ” Do as I’m doing, follow follow me, do as I’m doing, follow follow me ext…” He immediately started following her, mimicking her actions and words all the way to his room. I asked her , ” How did you know that would work?!” anytime I needed him to go to his room I used this, and from time to time I will try it on other patients!


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