Psychosis NOS

I promise I am not making this up. It was not any known language that it spoken here on this earth. The first time I saw this patient I felt something was not right. She was brought onto the unit and she was wearing only a gown, she is African American, in her 30’s and very tiny. She stopped, looked at me and just stared, wide eyed. I figured I would smile at her and she returned the smile but her eyes got wider as she did as though I was a nice piece of meat to prey on. She started to pace the halls and from time to time would stop and stare into space and each time she would take off her gown so that she would be standing there completely naked. I would rush over and put it back on her. She didn’t even seem to notice.

Soon we took her to an exam room to do a skin check. Skin checks are meant to inspect each patients full body so that we can check for bruises, cuts ext.. or anything dangerous hidden on them. So we were inspecting this patient and we found what seemed to be dried blood all up and down her inner leg. We asked her what it was from and she said, “Its my baby.” and we said, ” where is your baby?” and she responded, ” I am her.” Throughout the next few days she would come up to the nurses station and point to random staff members and ask if they were her son or daughter. She walked around in oblivion and we would never know when she was going to start running after someone screaming. I would go to check on her and find her staring angrily into her mirror in the bathroom yelling in some language that does not exist. She became very angry when she saw me. At night while doing my rounds I would crack the door open to see her, she would appear asleep at first, then her eyes quickly open and she starts screaming at me at the top of her lungs.

Later that night she came out into the hallway and wanted to have a cigarette. When we told her we cant give her one, she stood in the hallway and began peeing. Urine covered the jeans she was wearing and created a puddle on the floor. She then started screaming and convulsing her body while hitting her head on the wall in anger. We took her to her room and said , ” What can we do to help you feel better?” This part is funny…she sits down on the bed, leans her elbow onto her knee, leaning forward in a slightly ghetto pose and says, ” I…would just like some mother f***ing wine!” Thank goodness my male co-worker kept a straight face because I couldn’t, I turned, walked out of the room and couldn’t help from laughing. When we told her we didn’t have any wine to offer her she gladly took the juice we had, but sadly she refused to take off her soiled pants and I am pretty sure she stayed in them for the rest of the night.


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