Mental Illness to Drug use or Drug use to Mental Illness?

So something I want to talk about is about drug use and mental illness. I never understood this until after working here. I think that a common misconception is that drug use comes first and then comes mental illness. Something a lot of people don’t know is that a lot of times it is the mental illness that comes first and then secondly comes the drug use. So yes a lot of homeless people use drugs but it is the mental illness that drove them to it. They use because they cant cope with being schizophrenic, they cant cope with the voices.

Imagine you turn 25 and you suddenly start hearing voices and you then cant hold a job. You cant function as a normal part of society. You are running out of money and are losing your mind. You turn to drugs to cope and eventually you are homeless. This is a lot of our homeless people. Yes, there are people who use drugs who do NOT suffer from a mental illness, and there ARE people who can have psychotic breaks while coming off drugs and sometimes stay permanently psychotic if they have taken too much for too long, but there are people who turn to drugs to cope because their mental illness is so severe. I hope this has opened your mind as much as it has opened mine. It helps me keep an open mind before judging too quickly.


6 thoughts on “Mental Illness to Drug use or Drug use to Mental Illness?

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  2. Thanks for stopping by my Recovery Blog today…..I’m following U now, and thanks for speaking Up and speaking Out on this issue. I’m a recovering addicted compulsive gambler in recovery 6+yrs now. I was undiagnosed Bi-polar2 disorder within my addiction. The compulsive gambling brought out my symptoms to the fore front. After my addiction, I was left with severe depression & mild agoraphobia disorder… YES….they do tend to go together. I do touch on this subject in my New eBook… Addicted To Dimes and the many life challenges it comes with!
    God Bless, Author, Catherine Lyon 🙂 :-0

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