Manic Stage of Bi-Polar Disorder

Yet again, another thing I thought I would never in my life-time. But then again what do I expect? This day I had just walked into work, received shift-report and began doing vitals. I had been told that this patient was bi-polar and in a manic stage and that she had punched two staff members the night before, but that didn’t matter. I still had to work. I begin walking down the hall to do vitals and here comes this female patient 6’5″ and 200 pounds. She begins telling me that she is going to sue us when she gets out of here because we are keeping her here against her will. Well…everyone here is being held against their will. And secondly…If I had a dime for every time I heard that I am going to sued I would be a millionaire! So anyways, I said, ” That’s fine, go ahead, you can actually go fill out a grievance form right over there.” Her face went flat, she couldn’t believe my calm, professional response. And that she hadn’t gotten the fiery reaction out of me that she was looking for. I continued to do vitals on a man that had PTSD from Iraq. He had witnessed horrific things. I then hear this female patient yelling in the hallway, fake hyperventilating. I walk out and I begin walking towards the nurses station because I could tell she was going to freak out. She was yelling, ” Im going to freak out! I’m going to attack someone!” Then she looked at me and said, ” Im going to attack you!” She ran at me and my first thought was to protect head and face. I backed up in the wall, slid down to the ground and put my knees up, head down and my arms over my head. She proceeded to pound my head, but it was really my arms with both of her fists. Meanwhile my 3 male co-workers were trying to get out to help me but couldn’t because the door was jammed. ( I had put in a request to get it fixed multiple times) So, my female co-worker got to me fastest, just as she got there I kicked the patients legs and at the same time my co-worker grabbed her arm and she turned and hit my co-worker in the face. Then my 3 male co-workers got out of the door and grabbed her and put her in the seclusion room ( the scary rooms you see in the movies). I stood up shaking and got behind the nurses station door. I worked another unit for the 3 nights so that I could stay away from her. When I did come back and work with her again, she said to me, “Have I met you before?” She was calm and very sweet and nice. I guess that’s the definition of Bi-polar for you! Oh.. and I smiled and said, ” Yeah, we’ve met.”

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