Psychotic and violent

She had just been admitted onto the unit, I had been told that she was extremely psychotic and could be aggressive. I had inventoried her clothes and needed her to sign a form. I showed her the paper and then gave her a patient pen, meaning it “stab” safe. She took it and started to sign as I explained that her things would be going into patient storage while she was here. She looked up at me and her voice suddenly became deep and she said ,” I don’t like it when the devil steals my things.” I became wide eyed and the first thing I thought was, Get the pen out of her hand! Then her voice went high and she said , ” I am Tinkerbell.” I said, ” Ok so your done signing? Ill take that from you.” I felt super creeped out and I turned around and my co-worker was sitting there. He said , ” I just cant believe you stayed that close to her and didn’t back up.” I said , ” yeah I cant believe It either haha ” For the next week that she was with us she was naked constantly, always in the hallway naked and yelling at us, once she broke shattered a picture on the wall. When she talked she would rhyme everything. It was so interesting. We had no idea why she did that. She would jump the nursing station door almost everyday, throw her food and water at us constantly. One of the times she jumped the door, naked I might add, she picked up a 4th of July decoration and was standing behind one of our co-workers ready to hit him over the head with it. Luckily his co-workers caught her in time. So yeah she was an interesting one. I think the hospital sent her home with her family. You see, they will only commit you to a permanent facility if you are a danger to yourself or others. Otherwise you can have psychosis and still live in society.


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