Today is the first day of the rest of your life

I want to tell a story here. My story. Not anyone else’s. Mine. I want to explain how it is to be a 21 year old single woman living on her own, working at a Psychiatric Hospital full-time. This is my life. I work, I date ( sometimes) and I have a social life. I go to church and that is a strong part of my life. I have some family here in Seattle. But I just lost my favorite relative to marriage and California. I miss her a lot. I don’t have a boyfriend, no one even close. And I just walked away from a business opportunity. People ask me all the time what I am going to do with my life. How much longer are you going to work at the Psych Hospital? You don’t make enough, You should leave! I always answer…” yeah I know, but I like it. Im comfortable.” Maybe that’s not good enough of an answer but its good enough for me right now. Maybe I’ll start a new endeavor someday. Well see.


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