In the least…Be aware

 Something I would like to talk about in this blog is bringing awareness to mental illness and everything that it is about. I have had people ask me questions like , ” Do you think the patients can help their mental illness? ” ” Could they change if they wanted to?” and ” Do you think the medications work for them or could they fix it some other way?” I am so glad that I can answer these questions for myself. I don’t know if they are correct but it is just based off of my experiences, what I have seen, heard and felt from the patients. We have no idea how much they suffer, we cant judge them. I believe that some of them could change if they really tried. There are others that I believe cant, they have been given a very serious trial, a trial that they will suffer with most or all of their lives. Medications ARE helpful for these patients. I don’t believe that everyone needs medications but I do believe that some of them do and without them they would be absolutely miserable. I want people to know how amazing these people are and how strong they are. They suffer more than I could possibly imagine suffering and I commend them.


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