Night Shifts

So Ive told you about how life is for me outside of work. But how is life for me inside of work is another story. Its not so easy and blissful. Life can be hard sometimes once Ive entered the doors at 6:00pm. Anything can happen at anytime. Its stressful, happy, sad, scary and funny all at the same time. You can be scared one second and laughing the next. I can feel every single emotion possible within only a couple of hours. WHat do I do exactly? I am a Psychiatric Technician at a Psychiatric Hospital also known as a Mental Hospital. It really is crazy! My job is to basically take care of the patients, monitor them at all times, take them through their schedule, take them outside for fresh air break, take their vitals, check their rooms to make sure they aren’t hiding anything dangerous, give them their snacks, run phone time so that they can call their family or friends. When they are sleeping I monitor them to make sure they are doing ok as well. There can be as little as 7 patients and as much as 20. I have handled both. I have worked with Adolescents and the Elderly but I have worked mainly with the Adults for almost 2 years now. People ask if it is hard to stay awake all night. Its not hard to stay awake but by 3:00am I am anxiously ready to leave. Im emotionally and mentally done being there and want to go home and get in my bed as soon as possibly.  Once I do leave I go straight home, eat a little something and happily get into bed. Some of my co-workers need an hour or so to stop thinking about work before they can go to bed. Im good with browsing Instagram or Facebook for about 15 minutes and then I am ready to sleep! And boy do I LOVE to cuddle up under my covers.


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