Do you have any crazy stories?

I get this question a lot. Quite a lot. By people I just barely meet, to guys I go out on a first date with. I just say, ” Yeah I do.” Its funny its like they didn’t expect me to respond like that. Let me paint a picture of a day ( or night) at work. I get to work at 6:00pm, I walk onto the unit and in the nursing station. 12 patients are milling around in the dayroom. Ive recognize half of them but the other half Ive never met. ( this is an acute hospital, patients stay for 7-10 days) While I am getting report from my co-workers about how the previous 12 hours have been, a female patient with what looks like peanut butter coated in her hair walks up to the counter and throws her food and water at us, soaking us. We stop what were doing and the nurse will draw up a shot and we will go give her a shot. Then we get back to report, but now we are behind schedule. After report I start taking everyones vitals. While I am taking a mans vitals, a female patient who is pacing up and down the hall talking to the voices in her head comes up and rips the blood pressure cuff off his arm announcing that I am trying to electrocute this man. She then attempts to pull all of the plugs out of the machine. I eventually wrestle it from her with the help of a co-worker. I continue to take vitals. All the while I am closely watching one female patient, a sweet 22 year old girl who has battled severe auditory and visual hallucinations for years now. I have to stop what I am doing and go look for her if she is not in my line of sight. She will start banging her head against the corner of the wall to stop the voices. I will physically stop her multiple times while I am doing vitals. All the while there is an extremely agitated patient who suffers with bi-polar disorder. This patient paces up and down the hall for hours on end screaming and singing at the top of his lungs. He will yell out threats at me and my co-workers about how he will kill us if we don’t let him out. I continue to do vitals. This could all be in 1 hour. The first hour of a 12 hour shift. Its a wonder we co-workers joke around and say, ” welcome to hell.”


One thought on “Do you have any crazy stories?

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