A day in my life

What is a day in my life like? Let me see… I work nights. Meaning 6:00pm to 6:30am, 3 nights a week. My schedule rotates on a two week schedule. So..If I were to work on Wednesday night at 6:30pm I would have to stay up all Tuesday night to prepare and sleep most of Wednesday day. Its interesting. What do I do all night? Watch a movie on Netflix on my phone because its not my account, shower, do the dishes, get on facebook. I cant call and talk to anyone because the rest of the world is sleeping. But its ok I like the quiet. And I also like the feeling of sleeping during the day while the rest of the world runs around working. I feel unique. I feel different. I like not doing what everyone else is doing. However on the days that Im not working or sleeping, I LOVE to get up “early” and do things, see people, be normal basically. People always ask me what I do on my days off. I guess I do normal things. Grocery shop. Buy gas for my car. Go to the bank. Hang out with friends. Go to social events. Go to the temple. Do laundry. Workout.  Church Activities. My new goal right now is to always try to do something fun. Ive learned something about myself. I’m always focused on working hard that I forget to have fun. So that is a new goal I have. To be happy. Focus on people and not things. After all that is what life is all about.


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